Trade Mark: Clark

General Manager: RaedJobeh

Contact Person: RaedJobeh

Short Description: Clark Company is one of the outstanding Palestinian companies that specialise in women’s footwear in various sizes and varieties. It covers a wide range of productsthat include formal shoes, sports shoes, winter boots, in addition to summer sandals.

Clark competes strongly in the market with  high quality products, and they keep upto date with changing styles from season to season. Clark uses the finest varieties of local and imported raw materials, especially natural and artificial leathers.

Clark has many of the top skilled workers, it is also unique by its long experience in this field for decades. Clark is constantly trying to invest in all of its resources in order to be able to achieve customer satisfaction, and striving to enter into new markets.

History: Clark history goes back to the early 70s when MrMousaJobeh was a worker in the footwear industry, in 1980 Mousa’s sons opened a small workshop making women’s shoes, in 1988 Raed and his brothers startedproducing a new line of women’s sports footwear, and registered the name Clark in 2002, they continued in women’s footwear till today.

Vision & Mission: To reach international markets, and to improve product quality.

Experience: Specialized in women’s footwear in all types.

Contact Us
Address Hebron, Esa, AlManshar
Tel No 022252226
Mobile 0599233498
Fax No 022252226
Email Raid-jobih@hotmail.com
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